My name is Arianna, I’m an artist and a fine art illustrator, I’ve decided to open B&B Sergio il Gufo on May of 2014. I moved from Milan to live in one of the most beautiful place in Italy, Maderno, on the Riviera dei Limoni, the west side of the Lake Garda, a zone famous for wine, olive oil, citrus, and to be one of the best place in Italy to spend your time for pleasure or for work.

It’s important for me offering to my guests what I want when I’m on holiday, a relax one or an adventurous one, so I’ve decided to open my home to everyone is searching for a special journey, a delicious holiday, perfect to have a break, takeing care of himself in a cozy and unique location.
I do love animals so as you’ll find with me my cats, Sophie and Ottavia, so your pets will be more than welcome (ehm, it’s better if they’re small ones).
I love Antonioni and Monicelli’s films, stories and fairy tales, vintage, pillows and towels with nest pattern, like the ones of my grandmother. I’m vegan but not too rigid, I like cooking and obviously I like the water of the lake and to swim, I love to take a walk along the dock early in the morning because it’s an amazing experience, that I suggest to everyone.

That’s me:


What makes us Unique (What’s our goal)

It’s very important feeling welcome and homelike, for this reason I believe that my home can be a great choiche for you: it’s cozy, historical, personal, warm and suitable for everyone: a single or a couple, a family or a group. I invite you to my bed and breakfast because I offer indipendent solutions, to feel free like at home, or to cook your favourite recipe in a complete relax, is one of the most important thing, like having breakfast in your room, comfortable, with a smile thinking to your new day of holiday! Often for me it’s not so easy to have lunch out ‘cause I’m vegan so I’ll be happy to prepare for you vegan or gluten free breakfast, as you prefer.
The Riviera dei Limoni, in particular Toscolano Maderno area, it’s full of special places for what concern nature, history, art and also made in Italy. According with my engages, I’ll be happy to bring you out to visit some places around us, maybe also purposing to you some guided tour.

And what about Sergio?

Sergio was a great man and an incredible father so I’ve decided to dedicate to him this activity that’s like an adventure for me. Thanks to him I have a beautiful biblioteque that’s the true richness of my home, a lot of amazing books in several languages and documents, often on luxury versions: I do love books and mine are special. All of them are waiting for courious hands and eyes upon them. We don’t have to forget that our culture is our true richness, overall for us, Italians!
And the owl “Gufo”?
You’ll hear it from your window. He’s like a friend for me, he lives in the wood behind my home. Here infact the only noises are some chatty birds & other animals that live on the green of Toscolano Maderno. You’ll be embraced between the mountains and the Lake Garda with the caresses of silence that reigns in the beautiful landscape of my town.